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2010-04-12 19:05:21 by MegaPwnage09

Holy crap thanks guys!!! i wasn't expecting frontpage AGAIN, but you know when you animate and draw as well as i do you have to know that people are going to love your work.

PS. Bandito ownz Newgrounds.


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2010-04-20 20:23:53

my flash video got blammed but i read your review. i thought that part was funny too! it's too bad really. i don't know how it accumulated 200 views, but it did in less than an hour. it was blammed in 30 minutes! i don't even know how you managed to watch it. i don't know what went wrong. i try harder in the next one.

MegaPwnage09 responds:

Man you need to upload that somewhere else so i can see it again i really got a good laugh out of it. people on here are so harsh when it comes to voting, even if it made them laugh they probably voted 0