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Introducing DareDevil X

2010-09-19 12:27:59 by MegaPwnage09

one of megapwnage and j-thug's new characters is taking Newgrounds by storm. I can't believe we've already gotten front page for this la la la la la la. Wow you guys really are retarded! Obama is homosexual....foodstamps the end


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2010-09-22 20:49:47

hey dogg :)


MegaPwnage09 responds:

wassup man! damn can we get an official collab or what?


2011-02-28 00:21:16

Stop wasting peoples time with your crappy fake videos, jackass.


2011-04-01 11:06:30

you suck fucking testicals.


2011-04-23 22:05:36

hheeyyy, yor stffs not so bad


2011-08-20 23:01:20

id say this guy is.....11?wait wait,dead? nah but hes probably going to get killed soon..... wink wink