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Fuck all of you who didn't think that my original story idea was a good one because now I'm on the homepage yet again you dirty faggots lol hahahaha eat my shit from outer space.

Another Hit!!! Ahepa!!!!

2009-02-20 14:34:55 by MegaPwnage09

My Street Fighter 4 Parody is a BLAZING SUCCESS so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for frontpage feature again. I know my flash skills are a bit hard to swallow at first because you realize you'll never be as good of an animator as I am, but its okay because i am the pwnage master....don't forget it. LONG LIVE FRITO BANDITO


2 Fast 2 Furious Success

2009-02-15 12:56:52 by MegaPwnage09

Up to date, acting sensation "Frito Bandito" Has made 5 appearances in the NG portal and all of them have been box office block busters. So by popular demand he will continue to showcase his talents on the flash canvas for viewers who are craving new material. We'll see you on the Homepage AGAIN.



2009-02-13 21:09:18 by MegaPwnage09

The Mystery of Mr Morton's box has come to a close and i'd like to thank all of the viewers positive/negative for tuning in....What does pwnage entertainment have up their sleeves for tomorrow?
Rest assure you haven't seen the last of Frito Bandito.


White Ninja

2009-02-13 12:14:19 by MegaPwnage09

Twas a long journey leading up to the release of the white ninja's revenge but it was accepted by the NG community as flawless..I shall continue with 1 flash submission a day to keep my fans santisfied. Thank You For Your Support


Due to the success of my first animation submission to newground a new series of cartoons with very complex story lines etc will be submitted under this alias. I R Still deh best fl4sh 4ever more.