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DareDevil X's second Stunt!

2012-06-03 18:35:24 by MegaPwnage09 ated=1

He is back and THIS time he means business!

Introducing DareDevil X

2010-09-19 12:27:59 by MegaPwnage09

one of megapwnage and j-thug's new characters is taking Newgrounds by storm. I can't believe we've already gotten front page for this la la la la la la. Wow you guys really are retarded! Obama is homosexual....foodstamps the end

NG Can Suck It Hehe

2010-08-05 19:28:25 by MegaPwnage09

I'm Tired of getting front page for all of my submissions! WTF is wrong with you people. Eat shit and go die under a cold a lonely bridge you ass eating cock masters!


2010-04-12 19:05:21 by MegaPwnage09

Holy crap thanks guys!!! i wasn't expecting frontpage AGAIN, but you know when you animate and draw as well as i do you have to know that people are going to love your work.

PS. Bandito ownz Newgrounds.

Barack Obama's Halloween

2009-10-25 15:32:08 by MegaPwnage09

My official submission for the halloween contest. Tom Fulp has already informed me that this particular submission is getting frontpage even if i don't win the halloween contest. So thanks for all of your support and be on the lookout for the next cartoon featuring Frito Bandito, AKA "El Heart Breaker"

I've already recieved hundereds of e-mails asking when the next episode is going to drop, and i want to tell you all that you can rest assure thats its coming very soon. Alot of you are wondering if Red Rilla can eat the poo next time or maybe even put it on his head, but thats a mystery that'll have to be solved another day. Thanks 4 Watching and Getting me Homepage featured again.

Success Of Land Of Forever!

2009-07-06 16:20:26 by MegaPwnage09

I am pleased to announce another homepage feature from my latest submission "The Land Of Forever" Its taking the world by storm and its already landed me a spot on youtube's homepage. Thanks 2 all of the supporters and everyone else and giggity my shishmoigan


2009-07-05 20:50:35 by MegaPwnage09

Yall mutha fuckas can't see me....i'm tented like windows while playin nintendo hahahahaha thanks for helping me get homepage again you retarded shit eaters hahahaha

MegaPwn3d! =--

Tha Taco Thug

2009-04-23 14:45:52 by MegaPwnage09

Eventually you stupid mutha fuckas are gonna learn to respect my gangsta....Put another notch on Frito Bandito's belt you fuck holes....Hahahahaha


SERIOUSLY GUYS THANKS FOR MAKING HOMEPAGE POSSIBLE FOR ME AGAIN! So far i actually hold the record on newgrounds for the most submissions on the homepage so, keep watching and voting 5 and I'll see you burrito gagging fucks @ the top AHEPA BITCHES.